P&P Metalloys is a Leading Ferro Alloys Exporters and Suppliers for manufacturing of stainless steel, castings, welding electrodes, flux cored wire & wear plates. Our Laboratory uses the standard wet chemical technique for analysis of samples. We are suitably equipped to handle the entire range of products given below. Well qualified and experienced chemist with trained assistant having in-depth knowledge of analysis of Ferro Alloys, metals, minerals etc. add value to our testing. Standard Practices are adhered to at every step of the analysis like collection of sample, weighing, testing and reporting. Besides the raw material and finished goods, in process samples are also analyzed. This ensures excellent quality control of our products. It is our standard practice to compare the analysis of unknown samples with the standard sample. We use certified reference samples as well as internally developed samples for doing the same. This ensures reliability and dependability of our testing process.

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At P and P — Partners in Progress is our mantra. There is constant emphasis on Customization a.k.a product development to cater to the individual needs of our customers. Be it size, chemical composition or any other requirement we work closely with our customer to satisfy their requirement.
We constantly work on quality upgradation of existing products to improve their performance. The purchase, production and quality department work in tandem towards this goal.
Constant interaction with bigger & experienced industries, faculty from premier academic institutes and research organizations keep us motivated to work on developing new products/process.